4 Tips For Choosing Stationery

We understand that choosing stationery can be a rather daunting process. After all, there’s so much to think about; different stocks, typefaces, colours and quantities. Whether you are choosing headed paper, business cards, or wedding invitations – here are our top 4 tips for choosing stationery:

Think about textures – imagine how you’d like the stationery to feel and look. Some stationery textures will not be suitable for writing with a fountain pen. (We can advise on this.)

Decide on your preferences e.g. paper or card? What colours do you like?

Consider shape and size. Do you want something small and elegant e.g. A5 size? Or would A4 suit you best? Would you like a square format, 9 x 7” or something completely different?

Show The Mullet Press a sample of the typeface or paper/card you like and we’ll do our best to match it.

If you need further guidance and are in the North Oxfordshire area, why not pay The Mullet Press a visit? (But please call us on the number above first!) Alternatively, email us to discuss your stationery requirements at: