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Your engagement is a special time and we want to make it as 'worry free' as possible.
Over the past 25 years we are continually asked similar questions by brides and grooms.
Timing is the most worrisome issue and one of the easiest to illustrate, please see our helpful 'timing schedule' giving you an idea of when to send your invitations, plan your church service etc.
Time of year and location will dictate, to a limited extent, the timescale required. We can prepare your own tailor-made timeline to your wedding day.

At The Mullet Press, we will produce your bespoke timing schedule, working from your wedding date backwards to make sure everything from invitations to maps & directions, order of service booklets, menus etc., are included at the appropriate time.



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Things to remember

  • Your church - availability
  • Set the date
  • Number of people the church can seat
  • Your guest list: friends of bride and groom/family of bride/family of groom
  • Allow for extras on the list for any refusals you receive
  • Timing - send your wedding invitation out 8-10 weeks prior to the date, as a general rule Correct form for addressing envelopes
  • Remember couples will equal 1 invitation! So don't over order by mistake, but do allow for some 'overs' (10-20% for mistakes when writing or extra guests)
  • Include with your invitation: 'reply by' date, information on places to stay, taxis, nearby railway station, children invited or not, your wedding list detail.
  • Dress code
  • Allow time for sourcing: flowers, organist, singers/choir, photographer, caterer, readers.
  • Specific seating in the church/who sits where - give the ushers a seating plan! Allow for anyone who is disabled.


Things to consider

Here at The Mullet Press, we dedicate the time to help you choose the right stationery for you. Our personalised approach keeps our customers happy, so we’ve put together a list of things to consider when sending out wedding invitations:

Always order a few more invitations than you think you’ll need – in case you make mistakes or get some refusals and need to send out more!

Specify to your guests whether children are invited or not. And if they are, what facilities (crèche etc.) are available.

Perhaps let guests know where the wedding gift list is held.

It is often a good idea to say at what time the speeches are taking place or when the bride and groom are expected to leave the reception – this allows guests to arrange baby/cat/dog sitting accordingly!

Include directions/maps/places to stay with the invitation.

Try to send out your wedding invitations 8-10 weeks prior to the event. Service sheets should be considered 4-5 weeks before the wedding.